About Us

Every parent loves to see their child happily playing, and it is a bonus when the playing helps the development of their child’s brain. We want this for your children too! 

In recent years we have noticed that young children are spending more time on screens and less time playing. Although screen time in moderation is fun and necessary at times, too much of it can be harmful to their vision and development of their brain.

Therefore, we created Angry Plush! An alternative to game consoles and smartphones, our vast array of puzzles, Educational toys, SCI-FI toys, and Montessori toys are a fun and educational way to play, create, and imagine! Whether it is enhancing a child’s motor development, eye-hand coordination, creativity, imagination, math skills, or exploring through experiments, they will always learn something from our items. This makes us, as parents, extremely happy!

We keep the online store up-to-date and are continuously looking for new to create. As we attend fairs, stay on top of current trends, and immerse ourselves in all development’s “toys”, we are always here to answer any questions you may have.